About Me

Book-ProfileThis is the part where I’m suppose to tell you how great I am and why it’s worth your time to read what I write. But I’m going to tell you the truth. By the world’s standards, I’m not great.

I suppose I could give you a short list of my accomplishments. After all, I’ve done things and been places. But so far my greatest accomplishment has simply been to live and keep living.

My education and work history are hardly worth mentioning. I barely earned my Bachelor’s degree in French, a subject I’ve yet to master. After graduation, I tried to use my degree to further my career, but it turned out to be more of a hindrance than anything else. People kept asking me why I chose French as if to always remind me of how useless my university education was. I’ve tried to defend my choice and I’m sure I will again, but unless I do something amazing with my life that requires a strong knowledge of French, my major will always make me somewhat of a laughing-stalk. You’ll never see my diploma framed and hung on any wall.

After a few years of jumping from one low-paying job to another, I left the workforce entirely. I hadn’t planned on doing so but ever since age 23 I’ve been plagued with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I mean, I’ve been suffering from it all my life, but I managed to go undiagnosed up until I experienced a major breakdown during my study abroad in France many years ago. Eventually the mental illness just became too overwhelming and the stress of holding down a regular job became impossible for me to cope with. So I moved in with my parents and sister and have lived here ever since.

My life is not completely meaningless, though, and that’s part of the reason I’m writing about it. I’ve been writing about it for many years but it’s never really been polished enough for publication. Of course, maybe that’s my fault. Maybe I expect my writing to be a little too perfect and, when it’s not, I think its all rubbish.

You’ll learn bits and pieces of my story if you follow along. Every section of my story is part of a much larger tale that sometimes dances and becomes entangled with other people’s stories. My story cannot be told without remembering that it’s a continuation of a story that began long before I was born and will go on until the end of time.

My hobbies and interests include:

  • Reading
  • Going to the movies
  • People watching
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Browsing used bookstores and antique shops
  • Long walks (when it’s cool outside)
  • Hanging out with my parents and sister
  • Caring for my cats
  • Writing letters by hand
  • History
  • Admiring art
  • French and France
  • Travel
  • Musical Theater